When a Father's Love Becomes a burden
In this staged drama, Wunpini is her fathers favorite child, but this comes at a cost. Most often poor families turn to invest in boys education over girls, however that is not the case of Wunpini. Wunpini is among the millions of girls who are subjected to endless house hold chores. She basically manages the home when her mum is not around. This results in her missing class, sleeping in class and at risk of all kinds of danger as she is attacked and raped on her way to access water a few kilometers from their community.
Wunpini’s Dream, Our Nightmare
Mba Sayibu is a staunch critic of women aspiring for leadership positions, he believes too much power makes women wild and dangerous. He asks his community elders and youth to vote against the female parliamentary candidate. Suddenly Mba Sayibu favorite daughter Wunpini is interested in the position of Senior Prefect of their community high school. The position of the Senior Prefect is usually occupied by male students for decades. Supporting her daughter become the first female Senior Prefect in the community and the school means that he’s automatically endorsing the female parliamentary candidate in their community. Will a father’s love for her daughter change his beliefs about the role of a woman in society?
Behind Sheini Hills
The sitcom drama centers on the lives of the Mba Sayibu and his family. Although based on comedy, the series also addresses some more serious topics, such as family planning, religious beliefs, culture, teenage pregnancy, feminism, politics, education, health, and agriculture.
TieNDye Workshop
Tie-dye session of the Fatsu workshop, Aside from students from Fatsu Fashion House, as participants, the workshop also had fashion and tatxtile students from Tamale Technical University joining as participants.
Preserving local architecture through molding
pottery has been one of the oldest form of art, and with urbanization of communities through industrial and digital evolution, these forms of art is gradually fading away.
Waste and Accessories Fashion
Plasticc and electronic waste and how creatives can join the conversation using their creativity as a form of activism. Discussing copyright laws in the fashion and creative industry and other career opportunities in the fashion industry.
Wateraid Ghana engages Health Workers
Since Monday, July 20, WaterAid Ghana has been engaging with the community and environmental health workers for a three-day intensive workshop on WaterAid’s Behaviour centered Approach to improve hygiene behaviour in the Upper East Region. This is part of the organization’s approach to support the government in the fight against the Corona Virus Pandemic under the Behaviour Change Campaign projects in the region funded by DFID/Unilever and Global Affairs Canada. The workshop which ended today, Wednesday, July 22, 2020, sought to technically equip and strengthen the health workers on creative ways of delivering sanitation and hygiene practices in their respective Healthcare Facilities as well as during their community outreach activities.
Redefining today’s damongo | Youth turns to Tech and Agric
Sumaila Sakina recalled her father's fears of her dream of joining the army. Just like every little girl, Sakina had this burning passion to join the army but her dad was worried her dream might be a barrier of her chances of getting married. Now with the intervention of @ivalleyghana trainings and engagements, Sakina is gradually picking up the pieces of her abandoned dreams and molding them together.
Yopp Girls Summit
Third edition of Youth Opportunity Partnership Programme Girls Summit kicked started with 100 girls from 12 communities under Kunbungu, Savelugu, Sagnarigu and Tolon District. Rafiu fishbone shared with them, some of the top 10 incredible women I have come across in my community. Mrs Zainab Denderi victory was not only a shock to everyone but a slice of hope to dreamers out there.
Better Safe Than Sorry
A staged drama focused on unsafe abortions among young people and the importance of improving parent child relationship during their teenage years.
AWDF KASA! initiative #16DaysOfActivism
''Today we celebrate the work of SWIDA GH, our partner under the KASA! initiative jointly supported by Ford Foundation and Open Society-Africa As part of their work in supporting women and girls in the northern part of Ghana, SWIDA-GH produced a radio drama, "Born Female," that explores gender roles and its impact on the safety of girls. The play emphasises the importance of non-judgmental support for survivors of sexual violence and highlights the key role of community leaders in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence. Link to radio drama below #16DaysOfActivism '' - African Women's Development Fund
Table Reading of ''Born Female''
In a community a few kilometres away from the main district of Sheini Hills, a 19-year-old native of the community, Ziblim Shakira is abducted, raped, and beaten by an unidentified man or persons. A group of women returning to their communities after the close of the market day, chance upon her in the bush and then quickly rushed her to the chief palace.
Prince Barak lauds ''Born a Female''
Prince Barak lauds SWIDA GH and Sanatu Zambang Studios for their latest production ''Born a Female''
The Making of Radiya Tanko Ad
Radia Tanko is the brain behind most of Amie’s fashion style. Amie was introduced to Radia by Fishbone of Sanatu Zambang. Radia is a talented fashion designer. who learned her art of work by heart even though it is a family trade, she learned by observation and continuous practice. Radia ’s talent and artwork are admired by Amie due to the nature in which she learned her art. In 2019, some pictures of Amie which was released as part of her comeback was taken by Nana Kyei of captured studios. Link:
FlamezBeatz Produces ” Spirit of a child documentary ” Song
The Spirit of a Child delves into the story of Mama Laadi and her closely-knit family of orphans in the Upper East of Ghana. Many of the children are stigmatized as spirit children or witches. A Spirit child is a (ritualistic) term to label a child whose mother died due to birth complications. The child is therefore blamed for the medical catastrophe and as a result, the child is killed with a concoction or poison from a village priest. Afropop singer, Nazz official and vibrant female vocalist, Lamisi are set to release their new song ‘What love can do’. The two are part of a project that seeks to help the Mama Laadi orphanage in the Upper East Region, Ghana and also in a way advocate for love towards abandoned kids, the less privileged and supporting them. Link:
Savannah International Academy
@siaghana_official paid @sanatuzambang a learning visit. We shared with the students our approach to telling the Northern story and the responsibility it comes with. We also took the students and teachers through some storyboards of my previous works. Works on display were;
Chale Wote Festival
Rafiu fishbone and Dr Wunpini F Mohammed speaking at a panel discussion on Ethnic Diversity after the premiere of the film THE MINORITY at the Chale Wote Festival
Digital Technology
In summary, this is what Rafiu fishbone presented at Hopin Academy; Technology, wisely selected, applied & accepted by the local culture, ensures improved economic & social infrastructure. It serves as an ideal support system that can leapfrog community development.
Northern Innovation Lab
We very glad and proud to have been part of your 3year journey so far. We have been told if you base your decisions on imperical data, you can only repeat what someone else has already done. Since @northerninnovation inception, the team over there didnt just break the rules of our conventional digital training workshops, they applied so much instinct and it has been breeding so much authenticity in all their approaches to digital trainings in the region.
EnergieRich in Tamale
As part of @energierich mandate to encourage communities to move to sustainable energy, they are empowering local communities in the northern region to build solar panels in partnership with @sccatamale @stanford Society of Black Scientists and Engineers, students and faculty from @ashesi and @tatughofficial
HERPolAfrica Documentary Series
How important was access to water in the fight against Covid19? In every pandemic there's a need to acquire new set of skills to be able to survive.
The legacy of Hajia Mariam Alolo
How your faith can shape your fate. This is not a documentary, this is a love story. @sanatuzambang is releasing a series of documentary episodes of what is arguably the most inspiring and intriguing fate based story ever in Ghana. Hajia Mariam Alolo is one woman who has spread and influenced many lives through her preaching in and around Ghana. This series premieres every friday at 10am via Sanatu Zambang Studios Youtube Channel:
AWDF KASA project
There has been a lot of seminars workshops and convening engagements with regards to the never ending sexual and gender based violence menace in our society. Our team has been working on radio drama scripts inspired by real life stories to aid in the campaign against #SGBV in our communities. @sanatuzambang creative team will be using sound to convey ideas to the audience. These sounds may be in the form of dialogue, sound effects, silence or music. Radio drama has been an integral part of our Northern creative industry and we hope the audience enjoys every bit of this radio drama series with us. #NowStreaming |
Spirit of the child
The spirit of the child
" I have this believe that, when we find ourselves in heaven, Mama Laadi will be sitting at the top and me under her and I don't mind. I'm proud to be under her. She has always showed bravely out of compassion " — Pastor Ben