Tampuli Zuɣu | Piece 
Piece performed at Norgha 2023
"Piece" is a yet to be released silent film. Written, Directed and Produced by Abdul Raafi Mohammed. With Fatima Sumani coming in as the fashion consultant and designer. Oduro Achempong and Fatimatu Zahra Abdulai were cast as starring characters for the staged version of the film ahead of Norsaac #Norgha2023 Piece is part of a body of artistic works titled Tampuli Zuɣu which will be debuting 3 thread every year for the next 4years. The work span across arts, fashion and design.
Tampuli Zuɣu | Interrupted Dream
Interrupted Dream
Interrupted Dream is part of the Tampuli Zugu series which was written and directed by Abdul Raafi. It explores the different themes that we experience every day in our society. In this series, he implores different techniques to communicate his theme. Some of the techniques include spoken words poetry, and silent performance. Etc. The 2023 Pagya festival is the first time that Abdul Raafi would be presenting a work though he had previously attended the festival last year. For Interrupted Dream, he will be going with two poets, Genius Hakim and Asmaila Rahinatu and Fatima Sumani, creative director at Fatsu Fashion House
Watch via Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX7jdbYXIvk