Founded in 2015 by Abdul Raafi Mohammed, Sanatu Zambang was established to spotlight Northern Ghana territories using creativity at its core. To achieve this, Abdul Raafi Mohammed handpicked a selected number of creatives he came across in his quest to prove that young, bright minds can make a difference if given the creative space, freedom, and right tools.

Abdul Raafi Mohammed (Rafiu fishbone)
Film producer, director, creative consultant and founder of Sanatu Zambang Studios

                 OUR INSPIRATION 

The studio was formed with the fundamental goal of transforming communities through dignified and ethical storytelling using all forms of communication strategies.

                    OUR VISION

To be trusted and recognized as a dynamic, cooperative and results driven media and film consultants in Africa. 

Brief History

Abdul Raafi Mohammed started bloging in 2014 via google blog with the name Hidden voices with Land Mark Studios. The blog focused on highlighting water, sanitation and hygiene related stories, which was closed related to the every day life of women and children. In 2015, the name was changed from Hidden Voices with LandMark Studio to Sanatu Zambang.

The name was inspired by the founder’s grandmother who imbued the true definition of what Africa woman should be, bold. As the name changed, the focus was expanded. With the same vision, but this time around, given the women the wheel as most media houses in Northern Ghana rarely have women at the wheel.

Especially in the entertainment sector, women were not the center front of important creative conversations.  Abdul Raafi Mohammed intentionally tailored the blog to focus on issues and achievements of women and girls in every sector.

And to achieve this, he observed and invited young women who were interested in media and creative arts to contribute their thoughts and opinions on topics of their interest via the website and studio discussions, and sometimes even represent him as male dominated events And to achieve this, he observed and invited young women who were interested 

This meant that, he had to figure out how to do what he loves to do while still maintaining the position of having women tell their own stories in their own way. So he divided Sanatu Zambang into two folds, the weekly news website and the production studios.